About Us

Ananya jewels is a brand built on the passion to create extra ordinary jewelry that celebrates every person's beauty. The company started off in 2007 with a store at Kumarpark in North Bangalore. We began working with diamonds and other precious stones and today it stands out as one of the most renowned jewelry brands in Bangalore.

Our flagship store on Lavelle Road in Bangalore houses a vast range of exquisite diamond jewelry unseen else where in the city. Our highly skilled staffs and precise methods of ensuring that each gem is nothing short of perfect, lends to our excellent reputation in both jewelry manufacturing and retailing.

Jewelry buying is an experience, and hence the jewelry at Ananya is crafted from the finest of diamonds and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail. Each piece of jewelry is intricately designed, resulting in one of its kind pieces. In spite of the luxurious look, Ananya offers affordable and accessible pieces.